Geology MESci (Hons)

Key information


Career prospects

There has never been a better time to study Earth Sciences. Many of the fundamental questions of our times will be answered by geoscientists, as we seek to provide sustainable resources for the world’s population, as well as predict and mitigate climate change and natural hazards by building a better understanding of the planet on which we live.

The majority of our recent graduates have gained employment within a degree-related field or continued within further education after graduation. We have close links with geoscience and environmental industries ensuring that our degrees properly equip you for future employment. The truly interdisciplinary nature of our degrees additionally makes graduates in earth sciences highly sought after by other employment sectors.

Recent employers

  • Geological Surveys in the UK and abroad
  • Hydrocarbon and support industries: ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Geotrace, Geokinetics, Neftex, Robertson, Deloitte, CGG, Osiris, PGS 
  • Engineering and environmental consultancies: The Environment Agency, Environmental Resources Management, URS Corporation, Caulmert Ltd, VerdErg Renewables, RSK Geophysics, RSK Environment, Geomaterials, Fugro
  • Mining and related industries: Gold Fields, Rio Tinto, Cliffs Natural Resources, Geological Solutions, Hanson Aggregate Marine Ltd., Aggregate Industries.

Work experience opportunities

Our students often successfully complete internships in industry during university vacations. Many of the academic staff in the Department have worked outside of academia and can provide support and guidance in finding a suitable placement.

Postgraduate opportunities

Many of our students go onto further study on master's or PhD programmes in the UK and abroad.

Qualifying you for life

As well as subject-specific skills, you will graduate with a wide range of transferrable skills. You will have experience of working independently and as a member of a team, with the opportunity also to be a team leader. You will have presented work in the form of reports, posters and oral presentations, and will have used a wide range of software and specialist equipment. You will have gained time-management and organisational skills from completing your independent project, and will be able to integrate large quantities of data from a wide range of sources and at a variety of scales to solve realworld problems.

Katie Burton
Geology and Physical Geography BSc (Hons)

Senior Environmental Consultant
Caulmert Ltd

I am currently a Senior Environmental Consultant at an engineering, environmental and planning consultancy, offering a broad range of consultancy services. I work with a team of design engineers, environmental scientists, hydrologists, geologists, planners and more. An average day is in the office, undertaking desk-top studies, report writing and dealing with clients and regulators, but I can often be involved in site work which keeps things interesting. I specialise in water management, investigating the causes of flooding, and possible solutions to flooding problems for private developers or local authorities. In my job, I often have to undertake surveys, mapping and investigating the physical characteristics of a site. All the fieldwork I did during my degree was an enormous help in giving me the basic skills I needed in a graduate role.