Film Studies with Communication and Media BA (Hons)

Key information

  • Course length: 3 years
  • UCAS code: T367
  • Year of entry: 2021
  • Typical offer: A-level : ABB / IB : 33 with no score less than 4. /

Films have been vital cultural outputs for over one hundred years. The context in which they are produced and distributed is constantly changing but their importance as documents of our times remains, as does the pleasure they give to audiences across the world and their potential influence on the way those audiences may see the world.

Combining Film Studies with a minor in Communication & Media gives you the opportunity to complement your Film Studies major with a subject grounded in the globally important and fast changing world of media and communication.

Programme in detail

Film Studies with Communication & Media at Liverpool offers you the chance to study with recognised scholars of film cultures and industries around the world, offering a wide-ranging and sophisticated academic programme in this critical field. Our students have an interest in world cultures and a desire to fully appreciate the ways in which these cultures have expressed themselves through film. Your minor in Communication & Media will introduce key ideas in Year One, and gives you the opportunity to select modules in Years Two and Three which will complement the Film Studies element of the programme.