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Liverpool was the world’s first Planning School, founded in 1909, and we remain one of the most innovative and forward-looking. Reconciling growing pressures for development with the need to protect the environment and achieve greater social equity requires the interdisciplinary skills of planners. Planning at Liverpool will introduce you to the grand challenges society faces in the 21st century and will enable you to be part of the solution to meet these challenges head-on.

Securing a degree in the field of Planning will enable you to enter this professional area of activity at an extremely exciting time, with a wide range of job opportunities both in the UK and globally on graduation.

With major changes occurring in how we address transport infrastructure, housing and Green Belt development studying a degree in Planning at The University of Liverpool provides the practical skills, as well as, the theoretical understanding required to balance the needs of urban and rural development. 

Our students develop a broad overview of how our towns, cities and regions have developed and have an opportunity to specialise in environmental or urban regeneration issues. With a pioneering approach to planning and regeneration, Liverpool is an ideal location in which to study town and regional planning. Over the past thirty years Liverpool has been transformed economically, socially and environment. Staff and students from Planning at The University of Liverpool have been part of these changes as they have been observing, reflecting and helping local planners, developers and communities to shape these changes. This makes Liverpool an ideal urban laboratory to study how our world is changing. 

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Studying Planning will help you to look and think about the world differently. It offers a unique insight into how our towns, cities and rural areas develop, and how you can support these changes.

We offer three planning degree programmes and a combined Geography and Planning programme . Year One is common to all three planning programmes, with the specialism being introduced in Year Two whilst the Geography and Planning programme is a 50:50 split throughout all three years. During years one and two students can transfer between the programmes as they become more aware of their own interests and career objectives, and students on all of our BA programmes have the opportunity to transfer onto the four-year RTPI accredited MPlan in Town and Regional Planning.

Our unique three-year BA (Hons) programmes in Environment and Planning and Urban Regeneration and Planning, are designed for those who wish to pursue a broad planning related degree with an environmental or urban orientated theme. You will gain an understanding of factors influencing the changing features and the ever-increasing demands of modern society.

Our Geography and Planning programme blends the problem-solving nature of our Planning degrees with an understanding of geographical concepts and processes that shape our knowledge of the world around.

The four-year undergraduate Town and Regional Planning (MPlan) programme is designed to satisfy the professional accreditation requirements of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and enables students to fast track into the planning profession. It is a combined programme that meets both spatial and specialist RTPI planning requirements. Students have the opportunity, from Year Three onwards, to specialise in either Spatial Planning and Environmental Change or Transforming Cities and Regions. The four-year programme provides students with a more in-depth understanding of the practice-orientated nature of Planning and its context than can be achieved in a one-year intensive Masters programme.

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Andrew King

Town and Regional Planning MPlan

Liverpool is a really good case study for looking at regeneration, and there are a lot of activities related to planning on in the city, for example talks. There is a strong emphasis throughout the course on teamwork, we do a lot of group projects which is good preparation for working life after we graduate. In between third and fourth year we have a placement, and placements are encouraged throughout the course to help you explore your career options and apply the theory that you learn in the real world.

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