Economics BSc (Hons)

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In our Economics BSc, you will be taught the latest economic thinking by highly regarded researchers from around the world. You will develop specialist analytical skills to understand the complexity behind domestic and international economies.

In Liverpool you will have the opportunity to gain experience using real-time trading information, economic and financial news in our Bloomberg Trading Floor.

If you are interested in why individuals, companies and governments behave in certain ways and want to develop high level quantitative and analytical skills to succeed in a variety of roles, an Economics degree might interest you.

The BSc Economics programme develops your analytical skills and provides comprehensive training in, and practical application of, the theoretical and quantitative tools used in the study of economics and finance. You will gain a solid understanding of the current economic and financial issues faced by governments and businesses and the ability to apply econometric models to support these findings in either of our two pathways: Economics or Finance.

Our graduates successfully find careers as analysts, consultants, researchers, traders and other roles in organisations such as Deloitte, GSK, KPMG, NHS, PwC, as well as specialist investment/economic research firms or pursue postgraduate study.

Within our Economics programme there are two pathway options, an Economics and a Finance pathway. The pathways help you to specialise your studies to prepare you for your future studies and/or career.

As XJTLU students will join Year 2 at The University of Liverpool, this PDF provides relevant module information for the following programme(s):

Cover for management school 2+2

View the 2+2 Management School brochure.

Programme Year Two

In your second year of study, you will build upon your studies at XJTLU and be introduced to the study of econometrics, a key area for anybody working in economics or planning to study economics at postgraduate level. Further modules will be based on your pathway.

Programme Year Three

In your final year you will take more advanced economics modules and have the opportunity to apply what you have studied to contemporary issues. You can also choose from a range of optional modules, strongly supported by the
topical research carried out by our academics, so you can specialise in the areas that are of the greatest interest to you and your future aspirations.

Upon successful completion of your final year, you will have a thorough understanding of a wide range of theoretical tools used in economics and where applicable, in finance. You will also be familiar with the analytical and quantitative tools used in addressing real world economic issues, and, where applicable, issues related to securities and business finance.