Career opportunities

In 2013, a UK study found that social science graduates are more likely to be in employment after graduating than natural science students, and a higher proportion of social science graduates are in senior and managerial roles. According to the study, 84% of social science graduates were in employment following graduation, compared to just 78% of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates. Social science graduates are highly employable due to the many transferable skills they acquire in the course of their studies, such as analytical and critical thinking skills; research capability; communication skills in reading, writing and speaking; interpretive ability; possessing a broad historical and contemporary knowledge base; creative problem-solving; independent perspective-taking; adaptability; and many others.

One of the possible career paths following successful completion of this degree includes working in Singapore’s Home Team (e.g. Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison Service, Immigration Checkpoint Authority). Other ministries in Singapore may also be keen to employ graduates with social science degrees in various capacities, depending on your strengths.

Those who do not want to work in governmental agencies may also consider careers in the following sectors:

  • NGOs or grassroots organisations (e.g. working with ex-offenders, victims of crime, relatives of prisoners etc).
  • Researching for an independent institute, think tank or charity (e.g. conducting research about youth or family to inform policy making).
  • Postgraduate study with the intention of becoming an academic (e.g. making deeper enquiries about the area of the discipline which most interests you with the intention of becoming a university academic).
  • Journalism and media (e.g. becoming a newspaper journalist or being involved in producing television news reports).
  • Private sector businesses (e.g. using the many transferable skills acquired in the degree and applying them to an unrelated sector such as management or banking).

Students have the opportunity to increase their employability by engaging in the many Value Added Programmes offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology. This will be collated in a Record of Achievement which will be presented to students upon graduation, and reflect the additional activities they engaged in whilst studying for their degree.

In the second and third years of study, students are given a rare opportunity to partner a local grassroots organisation to conduct research on their behalf, which will be beneficial for them in making real-world decisions, but also beneficial to students in acquiring work experience which will be attractive to future employers. This will also be a chance for students to make a difference to real peoples’ lives.

Our reputation as a leading centre for excellent education is why the University of Liverpool is one of the top 24 universities in the UK targeted by leading graduate employers.