Criminology and Security BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Criminology & Security was launched in 2013 and is the first criminology degree in Singapore. It is a full time, three year undergraduate degree and is based on the same degree structure followed by students based in Liverpool, although it is additionally tailored to be relevant to the Singapore and broader South East Asian contexts. Its quality and depth are identical to the undergraduate degrees offered at our home campus.

Crime is one of the most talked about and governed problems of the contemporary age but what is ‘crime’? Is it on the increase? Is it a social problem that has a ‘solution’? Are criminals easily identifiable? Why are certain types of people more likely to commit certain crimes? Are victims a readily apparent group? What is the purpose of punishment in the criminal justice system? How should crime be responded to? Why do the media report crime in the way they do? Such questions provide the focus for the study of criminology. Our approach to criminology investigates these issues in relation to theoretical perspectives and the workings of criminal justice institutions.

In the first year, students follow the common first year model studied by all students in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology. In the second year, students focus on specific criminological debates and are prepared to undertake original research. In the third and final year, students have a greater element of choice relating to a range of criminological subjects and have an opportunity to conduct their own in-depth research into a criminological area that most interests them.

Teaching and learning are conducted through lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, guided independent study, group work, reflective and experiential approaches, and community-based learning opportunities. There is a strong emphasis on reading, writing and spoken contributions throughout the degree programme, but we are aware that many students will not be from social science backgrounds, and so ample assistance is provided to all students to improve these skills.