Basque is a unique language that does not belong to any language family; it is spoken by around 850,000 people on both sides of the western Pyrenees in Spain and France. A mastery of this language brings with it not only access to cultural products including world literature and cinema, but also important social, political, cultural, historical and linguistic debates. Studying Basque language as a Minor at 25% of your degree will help you to become highly proficient in writing, reading, speaking and listening to the language. It will also help you to understand aspects of the society and culture of the Iberian Peninsula.

At the University of Liverpool Basque is taken as a beginners’ language. In Year One our vibrant and fast-moving programme will quickly take you to A Level standard.

In Years Two and Four expert tuition in small groups will provide you with the opportunity to approximate near-native standards.

A year abroad is highly recommended, but not compulsory, for Basque as a Minor subject. You may spend a year in a Basque-speaking region as an assistant in a school, or on a work placement. During this year, you will complete an extended essay or portfolio in Basque. If you combine Minor Basque with another language, you may choose to spend half the Year Abroad in a Basque-speaking region.