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Everything that is man-made is in some way engineered, and engineering impacts everything we do. At the University of Liverpool, we aim to create the Engineers of the future. Our innovative programmes, built on learning through active participation, mean that by the time you go out into industry you are highly attractive to employers and ready to be fully productive immediately.

Which degree

You can study virtually every type of engineering here. All the disciplines are related. Here’s how they differ:

  • Aerospace Engineers carry out the specialist application of their broad-based skills in the aerospace sector
  • Civil Engineers are responsible for the design, project management and construction of the physical infrastructure of our society: bridges, roads, airports, coastal protection, harbours, hospitals, power stations and water supply systems
  • Engineers conceive and create the products we use in everyday life, often using computer ‘virtual’ prototyping and rapid manufacturing processes
  • Engineers may work on the integration of complex mechanical and electrical systems, taking account of safety and environmental constraints
  • Materials Engineers focus on understanding the materials used in the construction and manufacture of products and systems
  • Mechanical Engineers look at the design, development and manufacture of the machines and mechanical systems that are central to our lives in society.

Liverpool Women in Science and Engineering

LivWiSE celebrates, supports and promotes women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Find out more on our Liverpool Women in Science and Engineering pages.

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Why Engineering?

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Tom Sherratt

Civil Engineering MEng (Hons)

In Year Two of the course we went to the constructionarium in Norfolk and built a scale model of the Millau viaduct. It was quite a big scale model - about 20 metres across – but those are the sort of things I like, instead of just sitting in a lecture doing sums. It’s a really well respected University. It’s a really well respected course. It gives you everything you need for the future.

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