Chemistry BSc (Hons)

Key information


This programme offers a solid grounding in all aspects of chemistry, while allowing you to incorporate some non-chemical options to broaden your education.

Your programme shares a common chemistry core, differing only in optional modules with other chemistry programmes in the department. Your optional modules can be chosen from chemistry or non-chemistry courses. This provides a good measure of flexibility and choice for you during the first year at Liverpool.

Building on the foundation you developed at XJTLU, the first year in Liverpool progresses rapidly, with a mix of theory and practical modules to give you a solid grounding in the subject.

By your final year, you will be a proficient chemist, and you will be able to extend your knowledge in the three traditional branches of chemistry. You will also be offered a choice of optional chemistry and non-chemistry modules, or modules in
science education for those interested in pursuing a career in teaching. Practical modules in Year Three will continue to develop your skills and knowledge. This may involve conducting miniprojects, relevant in the modern world, to develop your skill set and make you industry-ready.

As XJTLU students will join Year 2 at The University of Liverpool, this PDF provides relevant module information for the following programme(s):

Cover for Chemistry 2+2

View our 2+2 Chemistry brochure.

Programme Year Two

You will learn more advanced topics within all the main branches of chemistry and continue to develop your quantitative and key skills.

Practical skills will be developed through stand-alone practical modules and you will have the opportunity to spend between six and nine hours per week in the laboratory.

Programme Year Three

In your final year you will continue to study the three main branches of chemistry, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, but the emphasis is on the application of chemistry to the modern world. You will also further develop skills to enhance your employability and general chemistry skills, including a module on Further key skills and Molecular modelling.

There are a range of linked activities in the Faculty of Science and Engineering including the Department of Chemistry which aim to improve your cultural learning, as well as academic and/or communication skills; hence, your employability skills. Liverpool students pair up with your XJTLU counterparts to undertake an undergraduate assignment which runs on both sites simultaneously. Therefore, the tasks can then be compared and contrasted.