Chemical Sciences BSc (Hons) (4 year route including a Foundation Year at Carmel College)

  • Offers study abroad opportunities Offers study abroad opportunities
  • Offers a Year in China

Key information

  • Course length: 4 years (1+3)
  • UCAS code: F108
  • Year of entry: 2023


School of Physical Sciences

Chemistry graduates are at the heart of science, underpinning some of the world’s most dynamic and exciting industries. Our academics are at the forefront of their discipline and we are ranked top in the UK for research excellence.

Which degree

Our MChem programmes are aimed at students who want to pursue careers as professional scientists, and in all of these programmes half of the final year is devoted to an advanced research project.

Our BSc programmes offer more flexibility to choose optional modules from outside Chemistry. They are aimed at students who want a sound scientific education, but who intend to progress to specialist postgraduate Masters (MSc) programmes or pursue careers other than scientific research.

Royal Society of Chemistry logo

All of our MChem and BSc programmes are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. In addition to F102 MChem Chemistry and F100 BSc Chemistry we offer more specialised programmes:

  • F161 MChem Chemistry with Research in Industry: students study all of the core MChem Chemistry modules in addition to spending Year Three as a paid employee working in a top industrial research laboratory in the UK or abroad. We also offer this as a BSc programme for students wanting the industrial experience, but not necessarily aiming for a career in research Chemistry.
  • F1BF MChem Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology: an ideal preparation for a career in pharmaceutical design and development. In addition to core Chemistry modules there are modules in Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacology. This option is also available as a three-year BSc programme.
  • F103 MChem Chemistry for Sustainable Energy: this unique MChem programme in the UK prepares students for a career in the energy sector. In addition to core Chemistry modules, students gain in-depth knowledge and research experience in areas of energy conversion ranging from photovoltaics to green synthetic chemistry.

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Why Physical Sciences?

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Jyoti Gupta

Jyoti Gupta

Chemistry MChem

The Chemistry department’s got very good rankings. The research that happens there is ground-breaking research, it is cutting-edge. So, it was something I really wanted to get involved with.
The thing that really surprised me about this department, the course especially, is that you could tailor the course exactly how you want it to be. It is definitely a course for someone who enjoys challenges and wants to be challenged.

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