Confirmation guide

Results and confirmation can be a confusing time. Please see below answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, find out how to contact us.

If you are an International applicant please contact the Admissions Team at

If you have applied to clinical courses please contact the departmental Admissions Team for your subject area.

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Accepted applicants

Congratulations on your place! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the University. Please see below for information on what happens next and what to do if you want to make a change to your application. 

Welcome information and registration

You will receive a welcome information email within a few days of being accepted. This will include details on how to register. Welcome and orientation week runs from Monday 19 September to Friday 23 September,. Term starts on Monday 26 September. All the information you need on welcome is available here.

Accommodation queries

For all accommodation related queries, please contact the team directly on 0151 795 0319 or at Allocation of accommodation will start on 22 August.

To update your contact details

It is important to ensure that your contact details are up to date. Please log in to UCAS and update your details here. This will then automatically update our records.

To be released in to Clearing

Applicants can now self-release into Clearing. Log into UCAS and follow the guidance.

If you would still like to attend the University of Liverpool but would like to change to a different course, please complete the release into clearing form.

To be withdrawn from UCAS

Please email with the subject line ‘Withdraw’. Please include your UCAS ID number in the email. If you request a withdrawal, you will not be able to apply for any vacancies through Clearing for this year and any places/offers that you hold will be void.

To request deferred entry to 2023

Please complete the deferred entry form.

We will try to accommodate requests where possible, but please be advised that this is not guaranteed.

To request to start in 2022 (for applicants accepted for deferred entry)

Please complete the start in 2022 form.

We will try to accommodate requests where possible, but please be advised that this is not guaranteed.

To request a change to a different course

Please complete the change to different course form.

We will try to accommodate requests where possible, but please be advised that this is not guaranteed.

I have been accepted on to a different course – what does this mean?

If applicants do not achieve the requirements of the course that they have originally applied for, we are sometimes able to make them an offer for an alternative course instead. You can find more information about the courses on our course listings.

You should accept or decline the offer via UCAS within five days, though we would recommend doing this as soon as possible.

Please be advised that we will respond to all requests at the earliest opportunity and appreciate your patience during this time.

No decision / conditional status

If your status is still showing as conditional, please read the information below.

We are carefully considering every application and aim to send all decisions to UCAS no later than Thursday 18 August where we have all the necessary exam results. Please keep checking UCAS through the day for any updates. If you still have not received a decision by 3pm, please call our Results Helpline on 0151 794 8591.

Outstanding results:

We may be unable to make a decision on your application as we have not yet received all of your results. These could include GCSEs, Foundation Years and existing qualifications from previous years. If we need any results from you, this should be detailed in your offer. We will also contact you to request any results we have not received that are necessary to confirm your place, so please do check your emails regularly.

Unsuccessful applicants

We understand that this is a disappointing outcome. Unfortunately, you have not met the minimum requirements for the University and so we are unable to accept you on this occasion. Please find some information below about what you can do next.

Insurance choice university:

If the University of Liverpool was your firm choice university, you should check your status at your insurance choice as they may have been able to accept you. Please confirm this on UCAS.


If you have been unsuccessful at both your Firm and Insurance choice universities, you are now eligible for Clearing. You can browse Clearing vacancies here: Or find out more about Clearing vacancies at the University of Liverpool.

Apply again next year:

If you are thinking about resitting your exams to improve your final grades, you could apply again for entry next year. You would need to reapply once UCAS is open again (September), including full details of your resits. Please be advised that any offer made will be conditional on the results of your resits and you will not be guaranteed a place unless you meet these terms. 


Mock/provisional/predicted grades

My predicted grades are higher than my confirmed grades. Will you consider this when you receive my results?

We base decisions on confirmed grades so cannot consider predicted or provisional grades.

I was originally conditional firm (CF) with Liverpool but I didn’t meet the terms of the offer. My predicted grades are higher than the awarded grades I’ve received. What can I do now?

If you wish to appeal your grade please consult your school or college.

Can I combine my predicted results with my awarded results?

No. Please see above question on how to appeal for more details.

I am appealing my grades. Will you hold my place?

Where possible, if you have received your results or the outcome of an appeal by 7 September and your grades meet the acceptance criteria for the programme you are holding an offer for, we will try to confirm your place. However, please note that for a number of programmes, due to capacity restrictions or the need to limit numbers to ensure the best quality student experience, we are unable to accept grade outcomes achieved through appeal for 2022 entry. These currently include Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Science, however that list maybe subject to change. Note also that acceptance levels may vary depending on the programme and additional information such as contextual data, so please contact us when you have received your results.