Computer Science MSc

Pablo Astudillo

MSc Computer Science

What course are you currently studying?

MSc Computer Science (Part-Time)

Why did you choose postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool?

I studied an MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering with a scholarship from Scottish Power back in 2014/15 and my experience at this University was fantastic. It not only provided me with the level of expertise I was looking for before getting into industry, but also helped me to secure my first job as a Graduate Engineer at Bentley Motors.

Due to the skills requirements of my current job and the direction that companies are taking into digitalisation and technology, I wanted to broaden my skill-set and achieve a proficient level of expertise in programming and data science. The MSc in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool touches on every essential topic in this domain and at the same time guarantees great teaching quality and career opportunities.

What’s the best thing about studying in your department?

The department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool offers a wide range of resources and facilities where I can directly apply every topic covered in the lectures. Lecturers and academic staff are very approachable and are always willing to help.

How do the facilities in the University help you with your studies?

The MSc in Computer Science requires spending a large amount of time programming in different languages and running complex sets of code that demand powerful hardware resources. The computer labs at the University of Liverpool provide me with powerful PCs with every piece of software I require to complete my assignments.

What kind of support do you get from tutors?

Tutors provide academic support, study skills, assessment and feedback, careers and employability advice and they ensure we engage beyond the programme.

What do you enjoy most about the whole experience?

The course content is very well structured with multiple optional modules to choose and lectures are really engaging.

How do you believe undertaking postgraduate study will help your career prospects?

My previous MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at the University of Liverpool was an excellent passport to secure my current job at Bentley Motors. I am quite confident the MSc in Computer Science I am now studying will help me to continue succeeding in my career.

What advice would you give to anybody considering postgraduate study?

Research your University and Masters course by carefully understanding its module content, career opportunities and University reputation. If you are interested in pursuing a career in industry, make sure that the modules are not too theoretical and provide you with skills and resources to make your CV more attractive for your job application.