Radiometrics and Modelling MSc

Oscar Shedwick

Radiometrics: Instrumentation and Modelling MSc

What course are you currently studying?

Radiometrics: Instrumentation and Modelling MSc

Why did you choose postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool?

When looking at universities to attend I looked for a few things, one was the attitude of the staff present at the open day and interviews, second was talking to the students around to get their view on how the university is for them so I could hear a more personal view of the course.  I also looked at the area since I was going to spend a few years here, it was a good thing to have a look around and see if I would enjoy it.

What’s the best thing about studying in your department?

It may be cliché but it has to be the staff, everyone has been easy to talk about a host of topics relating to not only their fields but other areas of science. Can not speak highly enough about the staff. 

How do the facilities in the University help you with your studies?

With two large libraries there was always a quiet place to study, even during the stressful and hectic periods around exams which was greatly appreciated, from the group study rooms to the quiet study hall.  The library would always have a solution to any style of revision or study you wanted to undertake.

What kind of support do you get from tutors?

A lot of support, from helps with modules, problems classes to project work, the open-door policy was one of the best features the physics department had. It was not just a tutor on one side of the desk and student(s) on the other, many lecturers would take conversations to the café for a hot drink and biscuits which not only helped lower stress but meant that I felt more comfortable to ask questions.

But even in non-academic situations tutors are always willing to lend an ear if something was bothering you or you needed help with filling out paperwork and getting it to the right people.

What do you enjoy most about the whole experience?

I would say the love of learning was the most enjoyable part of university. Science and maths were always an interest of mine and it was a joy to learn the inner working of the universe but it wasn’t all lectures and exams. There was a healthy amount of practical work which involved setting up and recording experiments to learning a range of programming, there was always something there to spark an interest and make you want to learn more.

How do you believe undertaking undergraduate/postgraduate study will help your career prospects?

This Master’s course has shown me that the career prospects out there are much wider than I initially thought, so areas that I never really imagined existed suddenly became career opportunities. I chose this course because I had a passion for nuclear physics but my career prospects have definitely expanded threefold so I believe that it has been vital for my future employability.

What advice would you give to anybody considering undergraduate/postgraduate study?

Study what you love, a love of your subject and of learning itself will take you further than you could imagine, and you will also find your time at university so much richer when you enjoy every aspect of your day.