Oliver Websdell

Economics MSc

Can you summarise your postgraduate programme in a few sentences?

MSc Economics is a very theoretical and mathematical course aimed at giving students the necessary tools to undertake economic research in any specialist field. It focuses on the core subjects of Mathematics, Micro and Macroeconomics and Econometrics, with options to look at areas of finance.

What were your main reasons for choosing to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool?

I had a couple of reasons for choosing to study Economics at Liverpool, the biggest being that economics is what I want to do in life and is something that I enjoy. I’d been doing well in my academic work and really enjoyed the fact that I was both understanding what I was doing and able to apply the theoretical knowledge to a more practical framework. At the time, I was unsure whether I wanted to pursue an academic career or one in industry, however a career in economics would only be enhanced by a master's degree.

There was also the financial incentive; the Scholarships offered by the management school meant that I could receive a discount on tuition fees both for having studied at the university for my undergraduate degree and also for attaining a First Class degree.

What is the best thing about studying in your department?

The staff are really friendly and approachable and the small class sizes mean that it becomes much easier to build a personal relationship with them. This aspect really helps when I have questions or don’t understand certain concepts; I feel confident that the academic staff are happy to help out. The department is particularly conscious of making sure that we get the most out of the year. The course itself has been designed to prepare people for postgraduate research if they so wish. The School is constantly striving to grow. Even members of staff that don’t teach on our modules have gone out of their way to make us aware of visitors to the school that we may be interested to meet and network with.

In addition, the class sizes allow lectures and seminars to develop into discussion where everybody is happy to speak up. In a lecture of 200 students, people tend to be reluctant to put their hand up and ask the lecturer to go back a few slides, but that’s a lot different when there is only a handful. Tutors are really keen to help out and make sure that we’re getting on okay both academically and personally. They are aware that it is a big workload so they are always willing to take time out of their days to chat with us about both the course and ourselves.

I think the thing that I most enjoy about studying here is knowing the level of support that is available. Staff know us by name and are genuinely interested in tracking our progress individually.

How do you believe undertaking postgraduate study will help your career prospects?

I believe that it will help me in my future career as the course provides a whole new set of skills. I really feel as though I am gaining a whole new level of understanding in economics and the core fields that we have looked at so far. I would like to pursue a PhD afterwards and know that by the end of the course I will have a much better view of the subject and academic research.

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