Digital Business Enterprise Management MSc

Michael Nogolica

Digital Business Enterprise Management MSc

My mid-to long-term goal is to pursue a professional career within the area of Digital Business and e-commerce.

Why did you choose master’s study?

After my Bachelor’s degree I decided not to continue right away with my postgraduate study, but to gain some work experience. As an online marketing consultant, I gained knowledge in various areas of online marketing activities. Also, my work involved analysing the usability of websites and the examination and improvement of software technologies in the hotel and tourism sector.

I then decided to resume my studies and broaden my knowledge in the field of a more technical and supply chain-focused area: Digital Business Enterprise Management (formally e-Business Strategy and Systems). One of the most difficult challenges today is to bridge the gap between business managers, who, for the most part, lack the technical expertise of computer and communication scientists, and such scientists, who often lack the business acumen of managers. Digital Business has become the focal point in the transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies.

Why did you choose to study at Liverpool?

I chose to study at Liverpool for many reasons. Since I knew exactly what I wanted to study, just a handful of renowned European Universities came into consideration. The University of Liverpool holds a leading position in the field of Digital Business and the close contact with industry, with the focus on the cooperation with SAP, made my choice easy. The outstanding structure of the programme and the unique combination of contemporary digital business topics in general (digital business systems and technology as well as strategic topics), convinced me to apply for the programme.

Another major reason to come here was the city of Liverpool itself. I visited Liverpool as a weekend trip in 2011, where I fell in love with the vibe of the city. Moreover, the connection to major airports makes it easy for me to travel home to Germany.

What are your career aims and how do you anticipate your MSc will help you achieve them?

My mid-to long-term goal is to pursue a professional career within the area of Digital Business and e-commerce. I believe that the program will have a significant influence, in both the intellectual and professional sense, on the achievement of my ambitious goals. To fulfill my career objectives successfully, I needed to continue my academic education in a way that would grant me not only a prestigious qualification but also a unique and valuable learning experience.

What skills have you developed in addition to the knowledge you are learning on your programme?

Next to the academic and practical knowledge I’ve gained, the most valuable skill I’ve developed is a much higher self-discipline and a high intercultural competence. Studying with people from all around the world, Liverpool University offers a unique and interesting study environment.