Modern Languages and Cultures MRes (Spanish)

Lucy Clark

Modern Languages and Cultures

What course are you currently studying?

I am currently studying the Modern Language and Cultures MRes with the Spanish Studies pathway. My research focuses on flamenco as a symbol of regional identity in Andalusia.

Why did you choose postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool?

The University of Liverpool is an excellent institution with an outstanding reputation in the city. As I grew up in Liverpool I was lucky enough to visit the university during my school days on several occasions, which ignited my passion for further study and led me to choose the university for my undergraduate degree. As I enjoyed my time as a Liverpool undergraduate so much I decided to return to the university to study my master’s degree.

What’s the best thing about studying in your department?

The University of Liverpool’s Hispanic Studies department is amazing! I would say the best thing is the academic staff, they always go the extra mile for their students.

How do the facilities in the University help you with your studies?

The Sydney Jones Library has a wide collection of resources relevant to my master’s research and there is plenty of study space to carry out my work. The ‘Language Lounge’ in 1-7 Abercromby Square is also a great place to study.

What kind of support do you get from tutors?

The support from my tutors is invaluable. As I am currently in the process of completing my dissertation I can visit both of my supervisors on a regular basis to discuss my work so far and ways of developing my research. I also receive support over email if I have any questions.

What do you enjoy most about the whole experience?

The most enjoyable aspect of my master’s experience is having the opportunity to research a topic I am extremely passionate about in a stimulating environment.

How do you believe undertaking postgraduate study will help your career prospects?

Both undergraduate and postgraduate study require a number of skills that can be utilised in various careers. For example, discipline, organisation, time management, team work and communication skills.

What advice would you give to anybody considering postgraduate study?

I would advise anyone considering undergraduate or postgraduate study to go for it. It is an amazing opportunity to not only develop your skills and knowledge in a certain subject area but also develop yourself as a person.