Twentieth Century History MA

John Boden

Twentieth Century History MA

What course are you currently studying?

Twentieth Century History MA 

Why did you choose postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool?

The wide array of courses offered by the University. Ranging from the End of the Roman Empire up until current narratives in society; the University offered me a chance to broaden my horizons beyond what I thought I was capable of.

What’s the best thing about studying in your department?

The accessibility and openness of the academics in the history department. If I have any issues they are always available to help and offer friendly advice and support for me. I have built good ties in the department and I know there are academics to help me at every turn.

How do the facilities in the University help you with your studies?

The Sydney Jones Library has been a staple in my life now for nearly four years and the materials if offers are really good. The huge array of online sources it has means that I don’t have to wait for materials to be returned by others before I can use them.

What kind of support do you get from tutors?

The support I get from my tutors is excellent. Unlike stories I’ve heard from students at other universities, the academics here are always accessible and deeply passionate about their topics. This means that the time I get with them is really valuable and I can get into complex or deep discussions about their subject. This not only strengthens my understanding of the topics I’m studying, but also exposes me to viewpoints and ideas I would have never thought of.

What do you enjoy most about the whole experience?

The challenge of university is my favourite part. I won't pretend university is easy, having to deal with complicated ideas and huge arrays of materials is difficult. But by immersing yourself in it, it really opens your eyes. You start seeing the past and the present in ways you couldn’t understand before academia. Sometimes you almost feel like you’re becoming more intelligent by the minute!

How do you believe undertaking postgraduate study will help your career prospects?

After talking to employers and going to interviews, the greatest skill a historian possesses is their analytical ability. The ability to critically assess information and process it efficiently and effectively really gives you an edge over other degrees. The course involves a huge amount of reading and after years of learning to read effectively and efficiently, you’ll be perfectly placed to go into jobs and look at information or data in ways others can’t.

What advice would you give to anybody considering postgraduate study?

My advice would be to enjoy your degree and immerse yourself as much as possible. It is difficult and sometimes you will question your own abilities, but that’s fine. By working hard and applying yourself, you’ll prove how good you can be and you’ll achieve things you never thought possible.