What is My Personalised Prospectus?

My Personalised Prospectus allows you to create a postgraduate taught prospectus that is tailored specifically for you. 

The prospectus is created in a PDF format that you can save to your PC, Tablet or mobile phone, and/or print off for your convenience.  

It enables you to streamline the information that is included in our main printed prospectus and on our webpages, and allows you to focus on the details that you do want to know, be it module details, fees or something else.

How does it work?

When you’re browsing our list of postgraduate taught courses, you’ll see there’s a button on the right hand side of each course.

If you’re interested in applying for that course, or would like to save it for future reference, click the button to save it to your Personalised Prospectus.

You will then be redirected to a different page where you have three further options:

  1. Browse more courses - this allows to you go back to the course list and browse other courses that you may be interested in.
  2. Go back to the course - this allows you to go to the course that you’ve selected to be added to your Personalised Prospectus and review it further.
  3. Download my Personalised Prospectus - if you’re happy that you’ve selected all the courses that you’re interested in, you can then progress to create your Personalised Prospectus.

Creating your Personalised Prospectus

  • When you’re ready to choose option 3 (above) and create your Personalised Prospectus, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to check that you’ve chosen all the courses that you want to be included in it.  If not, there’s the option to deselect any of the courses or go back to the course listings to add others.
  • You can then choose any supplementary information that you‘d like to add e.g. Life in the city, Accommodation, Sport.  You do this by simply clicking the check boxes next to each option.
  • Finally, click the button at the bottom of the page.

Your bespoke PDF document will then be created containing all the information you’ve chosen. You can save this to your PC, Tablet or mobile phone (by right clicking on it and choosing ‘Save as’) and/or print it off for your convenience. 

We hope you find this tool helpful and wish you luck with your course search and application to the University of Liverpool.