Fees for online programmes 2019

The table below shows fees for online programmes running in 2019. Please note, this information is for reference only as these programmes are no longer open to new enrolments.

 CourseFee - $USD
Management Master of Business Administration $37,000.00
PGC Business Administration $12,441.67
MSc Corporate Finance $31,900.00
PGC Corporate Finance $10,741.67
MSc Human Resource Management $27,900.00
PGC Human Resource Management $9,408.33
MSc International Accounting and Finance $27,900.00
PGC International Accounting and Finance $9,408.33
MSc Management $27,900.00
PGC Management $9,408.33
MSc Marketing $27,900.00
PGC Marketing $9,408.33
MSc Operations and Supply Chain $31,900.00
PGC Operations and Supply Chain $10,741.67
MSc Project Management $31,900.00
PGC Project Management $10,741.67
Computing MSc in Advanced Computer Science $31,900.00
PGC in Advanced Computer Science $10,741.67
MSc in Big Data Analysis $31,900.00
PGC in Big Data Analytics $10,741.67
PGA Big Data Analytics  $6,250.00
MSc in Computer and Information Security  $31,900.00
PGC in Computer and Information Security  $10,741.67
MSc in Cyber Security $31,900.00
PGC in Cyber Security $10,741.67
MSc in Information Systems Project Management $31,900.00
PGC in Information Systems Project Management $10,741.67
MSc Information Systems Management $31,900.00
PGC Information Systems Management $10,741.67
MSc Information Technology $31,900.00
PGC Information Technology $10,741.67
MSc Software Engineering $31,900.00
PGC Software Engineering $10,741.67
PGC IT Leadership $12,500.00
PGC Strategic Technology Innovation $12,500.00
PGA Cyber Crime Prevention  $6,250.00
PGA Data Visualization and Warehousing $6,250.00
PGA in Data Driven Decision Making $6,250.00
Health Master of Public Health $25,650.00
PGC Public Health $9,352.78
Psychology MSc in Mental Health Psychology $31,900.00
PGCert Mental Health Psychology $12,500.00
MSc in Organizational and Business Psychology $31,900.00
PGC Organisational and Business Psychology $12,500.00
MSc in Psychology $31,900.00
PGC in Psychology $10,741.67
PG Award Coaching and Talent Management $6,250.00
PG Award Cognitive Behavioural Therapy $6,250.00
PG Award Leadership and Organisational Development $6,250.00
Law LLM in International Business Law $31,900.00
PGC in International Business Law $10,741.67
Education Doctor of Education $62,650.00

The fees above do not include the application and technology fee, VAT (BTW), and course material where applicable. The fees are based on the pay-as-you-go payment plan and could be lower if you choose an alternative payment plan.  For further information please consult the individual student agreement.

Please visit the Centre for Student Success website for Programme Information