Living costs

On campus accommodation

Liverpool is one of the most cost effective student cities in the UK with a wide variety of rented accommodation available.

The University has excellent on campus accommodation for postgraduate students, including Philharmonic Court, built in 2015 and offering self-catered en-suite rooms. For further details, including costs, visit the Accommodation website.

As a postgraduate student you can also work as a Residential Adviser, living in on campus accommodation at reduced rates in return for providing support and guidance to Undergraduate students. You can find out more on our Accommodation page.

Privately rented accommodation

The type and standard of accommodation in Liverpool varies considerably – and so does the cost. The most popular type of private sector accommodation is the shared house where a student has his/her own study bedroom and shares the kitchen and bathroom facilities with other students in the house. If possible, you should come to Liverpool a few weeks before your programme starts to look for a suitable place.

A single student should expect to pay from around £70 a week upwards for this (exclusive of utility costs). However accommodation of this type located within the city centre is more usually at a minimum of £100 per week.

There are also a number of privately owned and managed halls of residence located in the city centre. The cost of this accommodation is in the region of £80 - £150 per week (exclusive of utility costs).

Family accommodation could cost about £140 a week (minimum) for a small three bedroom house – with additional charges for gas and electricity.

Students studying outside Liverpool, e.g. at Leahurst, may find accommodation costs more expensive than those quoted.