Living costs

Liverpool is one of the most cost-effective student cities in the UK, which is great news for all our students.

Living costs per year

In addition to paying your tuition fees, international students must also show you have enough money to cover your living costs, currently £9,207 (£1,023 per month for nine months).

As a single student, we estimate that you will actually need between £9,000 and £12,600 per year for your daily living expenses including accommodation, food and local travel in Liverpool.

Of course your actual living costs will vary according to your lifestyle and accommodation. As a single student, it is important to budget your money carefully. The table below gives you an idea of the approximate monthly living costs for a student in Liverpool.

 Approximate monthly cost
Accommodation: University halls (bills included) £600 - £900
Privately rented accommodation £350 - £600
Bills: electricity, gas, water £50 - £150
Food/housekeeping £140 - £200
Mobile phone £15 - £50
TV licence £13.25 (£159 annual)
Clothes £25 - £50
Gym membership (based on University Sports Centre) £20
Books/stationery £20
Socialising 350 - £150
Travel £20 - £50
Total £900 - £1350