Business Administration (Football Industries) PG Cert

  • Programme duration: Full-time: 9 months  
  • Programme start: Autumn 2022
  • Entry requirements: You will require an MBA or equivalent postgraduate degree and a minimum of 2–3 years of substantive managerial experience in the private or public sector. A master's level qualification in Business/Management/Finance may also be considered.

Module details

Becoming a Football Executive (ULMS824) -

This module is key to the MBA Programme in its focus on the development of the whole person. As well as an emphasis on the football job market, the module involves a football management simulation that enables students to critically reflect on their performance in a high-pressure situation. (10 credits)

Football Economics and Analytics (ULMS804)-

Students will explore the economics of a range of core issues including the football players’ and managerial labour markets, the economic design of leagues and the demand for and supply of football across different media. (10 credits)

International Football Industry (ULMS763)-

The module develops a critical understanding of the structure and organisation of football across different international settings. It examines the role and influences of major stakeholders including federations, leagues, clubs, players and their agents, and consumers. The supply of and the demand for football form part of the module’s analysis. (10 credits)

Football and Finance (ULMS724)-

How do you solve football’s finance? This module provides students with an understanding of club and league finance; current regulations and licensing; ownership structures and development finance; and the importance of sound financial management to the successful implementation of strategy. (10 credits)

Sport and the Law (ULMS721)-

This module introduces students to the ways in which domestic, European and international law affect the sports industries. It considers how the law is a fundamental force in driving the development of regulation in sport internationally and how long-standing practices can be challenged in the courts. (10 credits)

Sports Operations Management (ULMS829)-

This module focuses on the theory, principles and practice of managing sports operations and events. Guest speakers and visits to clubs allow students to develop an awareness of the practical, regulatory and legal issues involved in running major sporting events. (10 credits)