Modern Languages and Cultures MRes

  • Programme duration: Full-time: 12 months   Part-time: 24 months
  • Programme start: September 2019
  • Entry requirements: You will need a BA or BSc degree of 2:1 standard in a subject relevant to the proposed field of research.
Basque Studies mres

Module details

Students study one 30-credit core module and one 30-credit research training module, culminating in a 120 credit dissertation.

Compulsory modules

Research Methods for Latin American Studies (LATI503)
Credit level30
SemesterFirst Semester
Exam:Coursework weighting0:100

To provide students with knowledge and skills in the following areas: 

Interdisciplinary insight into concepts and theoretical paradigms in the humanities and social sciences, relevant to Latin American Studies.

​Methods of quantitative research in the social sciences: sampling, questionnaire design, interviewing techniques, data analysis and interpretation, use and interpretation of statistics.

Methods of qualitative research in the social sciences and humanities: ethnographic fieldwork, ethical issues, participatory research, collecting and analysing oral testimonies

    Learning OutcomesResearch project design and implementation: the opportunity to apply methodological topics as outlined in the module aims.

    ​Researching sources by traditional means in libraries and archives, difficulties likely to be encountered, and ways of tackling these.

    Use of information technology as a research instrument.

    ​How to compile an annotated critical bibliography for research purposes.

    ​Presenting research results: oral presentation and essay writing skills; planning and executing the dissertation.
    Background: Approaches to Research in Languages and Cultures (MODL503)
    Credit level30
    SemesterFirst Semester
    Exam:Coursework weighting0:100

    To introduce students to the discipline of modern language studies in the UK and to the range and diversity of current research in languages and cultures;

    To encourage students to consider the range of theoretical and methodological approaches which he or she could adopt in approaching his or her individual research project;

    To provide students with an awareness of the key theoretical issues central to cultural studies, and to develop in them an understanding of current methodologies.

    Learning Outcomes

    (LO1) Students will show an understanding of recent theoretical trends in research appropriate to MA level in the fields of languages, literatures and cultures.

    (LO2) Students will have acquired the ability to critically evaluate the use made by researchers of theory in framing research questions.

    (LO3) Students will be able to critically evaluate the application of a theory or a methodology to a specific field of research in their language area.

    (S1) Critical thinking and problem solving - Critical analysis

    (S2) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Academic writing (including referencing skills)

    (S3) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Presentation skills – oral

    (S4) Global citizenship - Cultural awareness

    (S5) Global citizenship - Ethical awareness

    Research Project Development By Directed Study (HLAC503)
    Credit level30
    SemesterFirst Semester
    Exam:Coursework weighting0:100

    To provide a focus for students'' knowledge of recent methodological and theoretical  developments in their chosen field and facilitate their acquisition of relevant subject knowledge;  

    To provide a framework within which to design a feasible research project;

    To arrive in a position to begin a piece of independent study, with confidence, within appropriate scholarly conventions.

    Learning Outcomes

    The student will gain the knowledge and skills needed ​to design a robust research project.

    The student''s academic development will benefit from exploring the topic of his/her research with ​an acknowledged expert in the field.

    The student will be prepared to undertake a major piece of independent research.​

    The student will be prepared to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively​

    Hlc Research Masters Dissertation (HLAC501)
    Credit level120
    SemesterWhole Session
    Exam:Coursework weighting0:100

    To provide the guidance and support to allow the student to complete a major piece of independent study to a high standard;

    To encourage the student to develop as a member of a scholarly research community​ through providing opportunitie to integrate within that community.

    Learning Outcomes

    By completing a project successfully the student will have made a contribution to scholarly research and / or methodological development in their chosen field.

    The student will have gained a good understanding of the conventions of scholarly research in their area of study and be able to work appropriately within these conventions.​

    The student will have demonstrated a practical understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to create and interpret knowledge in the discipline.


    The student will have demonstrated self-direction and originality in identifying and addressing problems and ability to act autonomously in planning and implementing a project to a high level of competency.​

    You should choose between LATI503 and MODL503 depending on your area of interest.