Tier 4 Visa Pilot Scheme

The University of Liverpool is pleased to have been selected by the Home Office  to take part in a pilot scheme, which provides one-year master's students the opportunity to benefit from a streamlined visa application process, and six months extra time on their visa to look for work.

The pilot has been extended for a third consecutive year, which means that it will cover visa applications made for entry in 2018/19. The scheme is highly valued by participants and remains an attractive offer for eligible international applicants.



You will be granted six months leave after your course end date which will be helpful if you wish to stay on in the UK to look for work.

You do not need to include any documentation with your visa application to demonstrate you meet the financial requirements. You are also not required to include evidence of your academic qualifications with your visa application.

You are still required to meet the Tier 4 Immigration Rules and may be asked to provide documentation as part of the application process or a spot check.

You can find further information in Annex 6 of the Tier 4 policy guidance on the Government website.



You are eligible for the pilot scheme if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa to start a one-year taught master's degree at the University of Liverpool.

You are included in the pilot if you are applying for entry clearance overseas or if you are applying from within the UK following successful completion of an undergraduate or previous postgraduate degree.

You are not eligible if you are applying for a one-year visa extension to complete an undergraduate exit master's qualification or the second year of a two-year postgraduate degree.


ATAS certificate and TB screening certificates

You still need to submit an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate and a Tuberculosis (TB) screening certificate if the course you are applying for or the country you live in requires additional clearances.


Financial or qualification documents

As part of this pilot scheme, you do not need to submit financial or qualification documents. If you do submit your documents and they do not meet Tier 4 requirements, your application will be refused.


Maintaining funds for 28 days

It is essential that you meet the Tier 4 requirements at the time you submit your online application, including the requirement to maintain funds for 28 days.

Although under the pilot you do not have to submit these documents to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), your caseworker can request to see them or may carry out spot-checks. If you are asked for your documents and cannot provide them your application will be refused.

It is also essential that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees and living expenses during your time in the UK.



Dependants who are making a Tier 4 dependant visa application at the same time as an eligible main applicant are eligible to take part in the pilot. If they do not apply at the same time as you, they will be required to include full evidence of their finances with their visa application.