Supersonic Gas Jet for High Luminosity LHC


The Cockcroft Institute has pioneered the development of a supersonic gas jet as a non-invasive beam profile monitor. This is a unique monitor that allows the characterization of highest energy beams. A particular challenges arises in the High Luminosity LHC where the profile of the primary proton beam needs to be measured in parallel of the profile of the electron beam in the hollow electron lens.

In the frame of this PhD project, you will design, construct and commission a gas jet monitor for the High Luminosity LHC (HLLHC). Working closely with experts from the Cockcroft Institute and CERN, you will carry out R&D into the gas jet generation and shaping, image optimization and machine integration. The aim will be an overall optimization of the monitor for the specific challenges in HLLHC.

The project will combine numerical studies with experimental work in the institute’s DITAlab. Opportunities for work at CERN to setup and commission the monitor will also be given.

Subject to the usual funding approval, the studentship will cover the UK/EU fees; a tax-free maintenance allowance will be paid for 3.5 years.

To apply for this opportunity, please visit: and click the 'Apply now' button. Please quote studentship reference PPPR002 in the funding section of the application form.

For any enquiries please contact Prof Carsten P Welsch on