Suffering Together? The Effects of Suppliers’ Environmental Violations on Buyers’ Performance


It is well understood that firms violating environmental regulations would suffer from their own wrongdoing, but less is known about how such environmental violations may also affect their buyers along the supply chains. Although in general buyers’ performance could be affected by their suppliers’ environmental violations, it is unclear how the magnitude of such effects may vary across different buyers, suppliers, supply chains, and industries.

This research intends to gain a better understanding of not only whether but also how buyers suffer from their suppliers’ environmental violations. In particular, it will provide a systematic analysis of how the magnitude of such effects may depend on various factors at different levels (e.g., firms, supply chains, and industries).     

This opportunity will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.

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Open to students worldwide

Funding information

Self-funded project

There is no specific funding for this project, however, the successful candidate will be able to apply for funding offered by the Management School.



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