Analysis of plasma-water interfaces


The position will close as soon as a suitable candidate has been found and so early applications are encouraged.

Technological plasmas can be found in all areas of high-tech applications ranging from microelectronics fabrication to deep space thrusters. Few other areas include textiles, greenhouses gases reformation, analytical chemistry techniques, materials coating, and lighting.

In recent years many new technologies emerged where there is a direct interaction between plasma and water, creating a complex environment filled with puzzling and exciting science.

The aim of this PhD project is to use Molecular Dynamics (MD), an advanced simulation technique to explore the science behind the plasma-liquid interface. The specific aims of the project are quite versatile and can be tailored to accommodate the interests and expertise of the applicant. The selected candidate will be trained to use advanced simulation software, in addition to scientific writing and presentation skills.

The selected applicant will join the Technological Plasma Group at the University of Liverpool which has more than 20 members with expertise including electrical engineering, chemical engineering, physics, numerical modelling, laser diagnostics, and microbiology.

The ideal candidate for this project is a student with a minimum degree qualification of 2.1 or equivalent in physics, chemistry or engineering discipline, with experience or interest in simulation or numerical modelling.

Applicants from all over the world are welcome, subject to funding notes explained below.

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Open to UK applicants

Funding information

Funded studentship

For UK students the studentship will cover the tuition fees and provide a yearly stipend.

For overseas students the studentship will cover the tuition fees only. The applicant is expected to provide an evidence of their financial ability to cover their living expenses while living in the UK.