Judgement in day to day managing


Various streams of research into management learning, reflective practice and professional expertise have highlighted the importance of judgements made in amidst moment-by-moment management, professional or organizational activity. The topic of judgement is a strangely under researched topic in management, only finding an outlet when related within the context decision making, and then focusing almost entirely on rational decision making models.There is very little research into how people make judgements within the context of the hurly burly of day to day working relations.

This project will seek to remedy this omission. It is likely that the method necessary for this research will be largely qualitative in nature looking in considerable detail at how managers account for how they make decisions.

This opportunity will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.

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Open to students worldwide

Funding information

Self-funded project

There is no specific funding for this project, however, the successful candidate will be able to apply for funding offered by the Management School.



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