Host a reseacher

Employers: host a postgraduate researcher

Host a postgraduate researcher and you'll benefit from the academic and extracurricular experience and skills that all our students are equipped with.

Many organisations are already benefitting from working closely with our postgraduate research students as you can see from our short placement films.

We are a global university with strategic collaborations and pioneering partnerships with research institutes, universities, governments and organisations across the world. These partnerships create a platform for research and teaching that brings together some of the greatest minds in the world to tackle some of the toughest challenges affecting our planet and society, to help improve lives worldwide.

Benefits of hosting a placement

  • Benefit from the specialist subject knowledge, excellent research and analytical skills, and capacity for critical thinking that a Postgraduate Researcher can bring to your organisation
  • Receive fresh perspectives on organisational challenges
  • Develop relationships and networks with key research functions and staff within the University of Liverpool – a founding member of the prestigious Russell Group of research-led UK universities
  • Fill a resource gap in your organisation.

Get in touch

If you’d like to host a placement we’d love to hear from you.  Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.


Q: Is there a cost to the company?

A: No. The expenses for the placement are paid directly to the postgraduate researcher student by the University of Liverpool.

Q: How long are the placements?

A: Through this scheme, the placements last 15 days so are well suited to a defined piece of work or project.

Q: What kind of work will the student undertake on placement?

A: This can vary enormously depending on the nature of your company and the subject of the postgraduate researcher. We don’t like to be prescriptive but we ask that you give careful consideration to what your company and our postgraduate researchers will gain from the experience.

Q: What kind of subjects are your postgraduate researchers working on?

A: As you’ll see from our list of research opportunities (link to PGR programmes list) we cover a wide variety of subjects and this is represented within our postgraduate community of approximately 3000 students.

Q: Do I get to choose who undertakes the placement?

A: We work with you to advertise the placement to our postgraduate researchers. At the application process you can be involved in interviewing and reviewing applications, or our panel of academics and placement professionals will assist with the selection process. It should be noted that, although we do our best to match you with a suitable PGR, it may not always result in a placement.

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