Hong Kong Graduate Association (HKGA) Scholarship

These scholarships were established in 1997 following a generous donation from an anonymous benefactor.

The objectives of the scholarships are to promote educational exchange and academic research respectively, between the University of Liverpool and residents of Hong Kong.


A number of undergraduate scholarships shall be awarded to academically outstanding students originating from Hong Kong, who have been admitted to purse full-time undergraduate studies leading to a bachelor degree in their chosen fields in the forthcoming academic year. The students are responsible for their own admission application and must submit proof of acceptance for admission to the University at the time of application.

Current students originating from Hong Kong who are already in their first or second year of undergraduate studies at the University of Liverpool at the time of application are also eligible to apply for the Scholarship. The students must submit, in addition to other relevant documents, a supporting letter from their academic tutor.

Successful candidates will be awarded a scholarship to cover partial payment of the tuition fee or living expenses. The scholarship may or may not be held concurrently with any other scholarships or bursaries at the discretion of the Award Committee. Each scholarship is tenable for a period not exceeding three years. The scholarship is not automatically renewed and recipients will need to reapply for the scholarship each year.

XJTLU Scholarship Award

The University of Liverpool Graduate Association Hong Kong also offer a scholarship of £5,000 to an academically outstanding undergraduate student from Suzhou, who has completed the first two years of their degree programme at XJTLU and subsequently continued their studies at the University of Liverpool.

To apply for this award please use the application process and form below and suggest you are applying for the XJTLU scholarship award in your application email.

How to apply

Scholarship applicants, including those applying for renewal, should submit their applications directly to giving@liverpool.ac.uk no later than 16 April each year using the prescribed undergraduate application form.

Relevant supporting documents such as an acceptance letter from the University of Liverpool (applicable for prospective first year students only), certified copies of certificates and transcripts, curriculum vitae, etc. are also required. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Current scholarship recipients

Current scholarship recipients are to submit all the following documents to giving@liverpool.ac.uk

  • Completed UG-ULGAHK undergraduate application form
  • Supporting letter from your academic supervisor
  • Detailed report of your progress during this academic year
  • Relevant certificates and transcripts
  • Academic CV

New applicants

New applicants are to submit all the following documents to giving@liverpool.ac.uk

  • Completed undergraduate application form
  • Acceptance letter from the University of Liverpool (new first year students only)
  • Relevant certificates and transcripts
  • Academic CV

Please submit these documents saved as PDFs with your 9-digit student number as part of the file name, e.g. SupervisorLetter123456789.pdf. Applications without this number cannot be considered, sadly. Send the application by email to giving@liverpool.ac.uk.

Please note the deadline for applications is 16 April. Results of the scholarship will be announced before the end of August and applicants will be asked to attend a virtual meeting.