Fee deposits

Tuition fee deposits for international postgraduate taught students

If you are an international student beginning a full-time postgraduate taught degree, you are required to pay a tuition fee deposit of £1,000.

Payment of the deposit demonstrates the ability to pay costs incurred to study overseas and shows commitment to study at the University. The University will only issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) when the deposit payment has been made. Only students who are in receipt of an approved scholarship or studentship covering the full tuition fees and can provide evidence of this are exempt from paying a deposit. 

CAS are issued for postgraduate programmes from June onwards. Your CAS is an essential document when you are applying for your student visa through the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) Tier 4 points-based system. 

When and how do I pay?

Once you have received your offer from the University, you will receive an email from Flywire, the University's approved payment provider. This email will contain instructions on how to activate your account and pay your deposit. In order to make your fee deposit payment, you will need your University/Student ID. This can be found on your offer email.

For all programmes, your full deposit amount will be deducted from your tuition fee when you register with us in September 2019.

We recommend you pay your deposit as soon as possible because without the deposit payment, your offer may be revoked. Please see information further down on this webpage for deadline information and any exclusions.

Once you have paid your tuition fee deposit you will receive a confirmation of payment via email from Flywire.

Please note only international postgraduate taught offer holders who have received an offer are required to pay a fee deposit.

Whilst the minimum fee deposit payment you need to make via Flywire is £1,000, you can pay the full amount of your tuition fees at this point in the admissions process. However if you would like to pay more than the minimum £1,000 deposit, any amount above this must be paid via the University's main online fee payment system. Please follow either of the links below:

For students from mainland China (defined as the People’s Republic of China, but excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau)

For mainland China, where demand for study at Liverpool is significant, you are asked to pay the deposit before three specific deadlines, depending on when you are made an offer: 

  • Offers made from 1st October to 31st December. Payment required by 1st February or offer withdrawn.
  • Offers made from 1st January to 31st March. Payment required by 1st May or offer withdrawn
  • Offers made from 1st April to 31st July. Payment required by 16th August or offer withdrawn

If the deposit payment is not made within the specified timeframe the offer will be withdrawn. All Chinese applicants are required to make a deposit payment (except those who can demonstrate that they are sponsored by a third party including government or commercial organisation) and the amount will be offset against the tuition fee at the start of the academic year. 

For Rest of the World Students (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) 

For applicants from the rest of the world. When you have received a conditional offer and have the intention to study at the University of Liverpool you should pay your fee deposit of £1,000, which is a specified condition of your offer i.e. your offer will not become unconditional until the deposit has been paid. All international applicants are required to make a deposit payment (except those who can demonstrate that they are sponsored by a third party including government or commercial organisation) and the amount will be offset against the tuition fee at the start of the academic year. Payment is required by 16th August or your offer will be withdrawn.


Please note you do not need to pay a deposit if:

  • Your tuition fees are fully funded, by a third-party sponsor (a government sponsor, research council, charity, US Federal Loans, commercial organisation, an international organisation) or you have been awarded a full scholarship. You must provide written evidence if you are a sponsored student;
  • You are progressing from our partner institution, Liverpool International College;
  • You held an offer for 2018/19 entry and have deferred your offer to 2019/20 entry
  • You are not required to pay a fee deposit if you are applying to study a research-based course such as a PhD, MPhil or MRes.


Why is the University of Liverpool charging a fee deposit?

We are charging a fee deposit to bring us in line with many other UK universities. We regard this as good practice as it shows that our students have a clear intention to study with us.

Why do we need to pay the deposit through Flywire?

Flywire is an internationally recognised payment and collection service for overseas students specifically designed for universities. It offers students a competitive rate when making your payment. 

How much is the fee deposit? 

The University of Liverpool’s fee deposit is £1,000. This figure is based on our research and we feel this is a fair amount for a deposit. 

What if I would like to pay more of my tuition fee?

If you wish to pay more than the £1,000 minimum deposit for your tuition fees, please visit our fees payment information page.

What if I am late paying my fee deposit? 

If you do not make a payment by the deposit deadlines as defined in your offer, your offer will be withdrawn.

What if I can't pay my deposit as soon as I accept my unconditional offer?

If you have any concerns about payment of your fee deposit, please contact pgosi@liverpool.ac.uk and ensure you entitle the subject line, "fee deposit issue".

Is the tuition fee deposit refundable?
Your deposit payment is not refundable if your offer is unconditional.

Your deposit payment is refundable if you do not meet the conditions of your offer (academic conditions, English Language, references, etc). We expect offer holders to make every effort to meet the conditions of their offer by the 31st July 2019 (the deadline for International applicants). Refund requests will not be dealt with until after this date.

Requests for refunds should be sent to pgosi@liverpool.ac.uk with the subject line Deposit refund. Include your full name, student reference, and reason that you are requesting a refund (for example, did not meet academic offer conditions).