Zhicheng Mao (Mike)

Programme: Electronic Engineering and Electrical 

Nationality: China

Why did you choose Electronic Engineering and Electrical at the University of Liverpool?

When I studied at my A-level school, my teacher always mentioned that the Liverpool football club is the best club in the world. So I did some research about the city of Liverpool when I was studied at AS level. Spuriously I find that the EEE department in the University of Liverpool was really powerful and my major is to become an electrical engineer even create my own robot company in the future. So I choose EEE in the University of Liverpool

Year 1 - Robot Bench Day

What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?

This program not just only teach us the theoretical knowledge in the class but also teach us the practical skill in the lab. In the EEE department, each course combine with the lab module which aims to let student know how to using their knowledge to design the circuit and improve them practical skills.

I am enjoyed the most of this program definitely was the ‘student project module’, in this module student can make somethings which related to their interest. If you interesting about the communication system you could make the ‘Phone antenna model’; if you interesting about the robot, you could make the ‘mini industry sweep robot’ etc.  All this projects supported by your academic adviser in the department and the lab staff will always give you support during this session. This module can improve the skills of creativity and innovation ability of the students. Students will really enjoy it, even this is the tough course.

Are you involved with any clubs or societies?

When I come to the University, I am passed the uni job interview for joined in the Liverpool Guild of students staff team. They also was my first paid job in the UK.  The LGOS is the only one student union in the UoL and also it is an official uni department. The Guild support about 250 societies which all societies running by the students. My working department at the Guild calls ‘Venues operation Team’. The Guild have the second biggest/professional gig venue in the Liverpool and one theatre. Students society can using those venues for free and over the years it has hosted all of the key events on campus as well as in the live music world (Many famous singers come to Guild for gigs such as The Chainsmokers, Jessie J and Dizzee Rascal etc ).

I am really honour for working in the Guild Venue technical department, because our venue have a state of the art sound and light system which will rank it as one of the best in the country. My job in the Guild is to do the lighting design/operate in our key venue to support those events. I learned many things in the Guild, likes how to running the gigs and how to maintains our stage lighting systems. I am also talk with the people from different background and different society even with the famous singers during my work. It can improve my communication skills significantly.    

Most importantly I am the only one non-European people who working in the Guild staff team. My colleagues in the Guild are very friendly and their always teach me the ‘Scouse’ accents. So know i could using the scouse accent to talk with the people.

What do you like most about the City of Liverpool and why? What fun things have you experienced since being in Liverpool?

The like most about the city defined are the cultural diversity and inclusiveness. International students study here will feel likes the people in Liverpool are really friendly and helpful. When you get in trouble such as get loss on the street, people will always help you even their will walk together will you to the dentation.  For me, there are lots of Chinese retreatant around the city. When I missing my family and country, go eat for the Chinese food is the best choice.

Working as a 'Meet and Greet' internaional student ambassador!