Sanjay Bala

Name: Sanjay Bala
Batch: Liverpool MBA 2010
Domicile: Indian
Current Role: Management Consultant 

Why did you choose the University of Liverpool and your course?

Coming from a technical background I wanted to enhance my management skills, so MBA was my first choice. The programme schedule at University of Liverpool looked challenging and the course modules were in line with what I wanted from an MBA degree.

Which aspects of the course do you think have been most beneficial to your career development?

The multicultural and global environment was very helpful in my career development. Furthermore, the modules like Management Game, Strategic Management Simulation and Work Based Project helped me interact with the business community and gain a good insight into real world business problems and solutions.

Please describe your current role.

I currently work as a Management consultant for one of the Big 4 consulting firms. My role includes defining, establishing and running complex technology-enabled change programmes and managing client portfolios of technology projects and programmes.

What is your favourite memory of Liverpool?

The time spent with my friends from all over the world and the fun we had in and outside of the classroom :)