Raimundo Mpanzu

Name: Raimundo Mpanzu
Programme: MESci Geology & Physical Geography
Year of study: 2
Nationality: Angolan

How did LIC prepare you to become a student at UoL?

The Liverpool International College prepared me in a number of ways: Firstly, it got me the feel for the tertiary education environment as studying at the tertiary level is very different to what I was used to, with the independent learning style and reduced contact hours often presenting a challenge for prospective students. Secondly, Foundation and preparatory courses at LIC allowed me to develop the skills I needed to succeed in the tertiary education, especially the Study Skills involving time management, Academic English Writing and Independent Research. The engineering projects were also useful as they gave me creative thinking skills.

What did you like most about your time at LIC?

I liked the fact that it helped me to know my way around the campus, to use the library in a more academic way for independent research and to be familiarised with the vast city of Liverpool. I also enjoyed the fact that I was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement Certificate which made me proud and to appreciate more my time as a student at the Liverpool International College.

Why did you choose MESci (Hons) Geology & Physical Geography at the University of Liverpool?

I’ve always wanted to follow a highly structured training programme and an Integrated Masters is a programme which combines a Masters with an additional qualification at a different level of study making it interesting for me, and since it’s combined, it was easier to get a financial sponsorship than it would if I tried to do different programmes separately (Bsc and Msc). Besides, MESci is very advantageous when it comes to job prospects as many employers, especially in Earth Sciences, prefer Masters over a simple Bachelor’s degree.

What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?

I enjoyed the inspiring and innovative way the teachers in this programme give their lectures; they have motivational skills and they tend to make the modules more exciting and riveting, I also like the course itself, Geology & Physical Geography is helping me to broaden my understanding of earth structures and the processes behind their evolution.

Are you involved in any clubs or societies? How do they add to your overall university experience and what skills can you gain?

I am currently a member and the President of Pentecost Baptist Church Student Fellowship Society at the University of Liverpool, and it helps me a lot to get to know more people from different courses and different background all gathering under the same umbrella. It, therefore, helps me to improve my social, communication, organisational, motivational and inspirational skills.

What do you like most about the City of Liverpool and why?

I’m fascinated by the fact that the city of Liverpool is one of the most student-friendly places in the UK, and as a result of its student culture, there are several reasonable accommodations, shops, restaurants and bars that students like myself can take advantage of while living here. There is a host of inexpensive shops adjacent to the big name supermarkets such as ASDA, Sainsburys and Tescos that have become my favourites. I also appreciate the architecturally iconic buildings such as the Anglican Cathedral, The Liver Buildings and The Albert Dock which are stunning and worthy to visit in Liverpool. I enjoy the food, Liverpool is a city where you can eat all over the world on one street, Mexican, Turkish, Chinese, American food, etc.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I intend to get a job as a Petroleum Geologist either here or in my home country.

What advice would you give to students progressing from LIC to UoL?

As far as the students progressing from LIC to UoL are concerned, I’d advise the following: To think about employability (what to do after graduation), and it includes being sure about what they want to
do, which courses are suitable for them and also think about the challenges of each course as It’s not very reasonable to do a course you’re not familiar with just because a friend or relative recommended
it. They should also make sure they find balance between studies and social life; when I was at LIC I used to spend too much time studying and it was detrimental to me as I used to be very stressed and
I felt overburdened, hopefully now at the University I’ve decided to join societies, go to public places and join martial art academies so that I can find the right balance between studying and socialising,
which obviously is highly beneficial both in an academic and psychological standpoint.