Pablo Zárate

Name: Pablo Zárate
Batch: Liverpool Football Industries MBA 2009
Domicile: NYC
Current Role: Sr. Director Property and Commercial Development

Why did you choose the University of Liverpool and your course?

Having spent a few years on commercial positions in blue chip companies in Mexico and being a passionate football fan, I found the Football Industries program as great next step in my professional career. Mainly because it combines the recognition of a MBA and provides an opportunity to step into Football, one of the most attractive industries in the world.

Which aspects of the course do you think have been most beneficial to your career development?

Mainly the holistic approach to apply different subjects: marketing, media, management, etc into the football world was very valuable, also having a multicultural environment allowed me to learn and prepare myself to succeed on job opportunities after the completion of my course. In particular I enjoyed the experiences shared by prominent guest speakers.

Please describe your current role:

I currently work as a Sr. Director of Property and Commercial development for Soccer United Marketing (SUM) which is the commercial arm of Major League Soccer (MLS). My role is to manage and develop commercial solutions for some of the key international properties in North America, such as CONCACAF and the Mexican Football Federation, which allows us to continue fostering the development of the game in the region.

What is your favourite memory of Liverpool?

There are many, however probably the main one is the overall opportunity to spend a year with classmates (and now friends) from all over the world that have the same passion and interests while living in a city that vibes, enjoys and suffers with football.