Farida Rezk

Programme: Law LLB (Hons)

Nationality: Egyptian

Why did you choose Law LLB (Hons) at the University of Liverpool?

One of the main reasons I chose to study at the university of Liverpool is the fact that it is a member of the Russell group and therefore provides an outstanding teaching and learning experience. Studying Law at the University of Liverpool is an amazing experience as I get to study alongside several people from all around the world, therefore I am exposed to a wider insight into the common Law system. Furthermore, the facilities provided by the University of Liverpool especially the Law library with a wide selection of books and journals to read aid me in my studies. Moreover, one of the reasons why studying Law at the University of Liverpool is enjoyable is the fact that even as a first-year student I can get an insight into how Law is practiced, it is very exciting in seminar rooms when students are split into groups to do problem questions and develop our legal skills. Furthermore, I find that studying law can be interesting because all the modules I have studied up to date show another perspective along to the legal one, these include different topics such as interesting social issues and politics. Finally, the University of Liverpool is a great place to study Law at due to the great amount of help and support provided by our lecturers and seminar tutors in terms of assessed and formative work to help us improve academically. Therefore, I believe that my time at Liverpool prepares me for what is coming after university due to different experiences and extracurricular activities provided. Moreover, it prepares me to the diverse work environment I might be working in, in the future as I aim to work as an International Lawyer which means I have to handle cases that are of a variety of nature. 

Are you invovled with any clubs or societies?

The Liverpool Guild of students offers a wide variety of clubs and societies to join. Fortunately, I got the chance to experience it by attending a few sessions with the STAR Liverpool Society who help refugees and asylum sneakers learn English. I was also involved with the Legal society by attending networking events for career advice.

What do you like most about the City of Liverpool and why?  What fun things have you experienced since being in Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of the best places to be student, this is because it is a very vibrant city with plenty of amazing and affordable places to go. Besides that, there's always a good place to eat with a great price range. Moreover, I find Liverpool to be an amazing city with a stress-free environment which prevented me from experiencing any homesickness. In addition to that is how friendly people in Liverpool are compared to different cities in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, key areas are within a walking distance for instance the university of Liverpool is about 15 minutes away from the city centre which is advantageous because it saves time and money. Finally, it is an iconic place rich with different cultures and nationalities from all over the world. 

So far, I’ve had the best student experience at the university and in the city of Liverpool. I got the chance to attend two Liverpool FC matches and experience the iconic Afield atmosphere. Moreover, attended Capital FM Halloween concert with outstanding performances which was hosted at our own Mountford Hall at the Guild of students on Uni campus. I also attended a Martin Garrix concert hosted by famous cream fields at Liverpool waterfront. I got to travel to London plenty of times since it is only a 2-hour train journey. As well as Manchester on the weekends as it is only an hour away from Liverpool Lime street station. Moreover, I visited the Ice Festival on Liverpool waterfront where I went ice skating with friends and went on thrilling rides. We also enjoyed the Christmas market where we had a lot of crepes, waffles, roasted chestnuts as well as hot chocolate to warm us up. Liverpool has an amazing food culture, I went to amazing restaurants ranging from Japanese to Arabic. Finally, walking by the albert dock or enjoying the sun in Abercrombie square on Uni campus was always fun. Although this was only my first year, I am sure I will have more experiences by the time I graduate in this amazing city.