Ashwin Menon

Course: MBA (Business Finance and Management) 2009

Why did you choose the University of Liverpool and your course?

Before I joined the course, I was working in the F&A dept with GECIS (GE Capital India Services). I wanted to pursue my career in the field of Finance and at the same time, I was also inclined towards starting an entrepreneurial journey. During my search for the best Universities in UK, I came across University Of Liverpool Management School, which was one of the very few Schools that provided an MBA with specialization in Business Finance & Management. The reputation of the University was also good among all career advisors, hence my choice was very easy.

Which aspects of the course do you think have been most beneficial to your career development?

The MBA was a good mix of Thought + Research model. This gave me the option to research many studies pertaining to various aspects of business dynamics and practically apply the same. Managing Change, one of the module in the course was the most valuable lessons, I have learnt and applied in my daily course of business.

Please describe your current role.

Currently, I am a Juggling 3 key important roles in some of the organizations I have joined and also started on my own. I am Director (Business Development) with Gasvigil Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is one of the largest manufacturers of Gas Monitoring Systems in India. I am also Founder & Managing Partner of Wok Republic, a Pan Asian Food Chain with 5 restaurants in India. I also am CEO of KAT Integrations (Kat i) a start up providing easy and affordable home and office automations.

What is your favourite memory of Liverpool?

Late night outs with fellow students at the Sydney Jones library are the most cherished memories from Liverpool. We used to stay up late in the nights, with coffees, discussions and fun.