Ana Almeida Warren

Programme: BVSc Veterinary Science

Year of study: Year 3

Nationality: Portuguese

Why did you choose BVSc Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool?

There are two reasons why I chose Liverpool for this course: the city vibe and the course itself. One thing that really appealed to me was that the vet degree at the University of Liverpool uses more innovative ways of teaching which includes more practical’s and “learning by doing” rather than purely lecture based.

Another great advantage is that, unlike other veterinary schools, in our first three years we are based in the main University campus among all other students. I have met so many incredible people studying different subjects from all different backgrounds and from all over the world. If I hadn’t chosen Liverpool, I think this would have been very difficult – and Liverpool city itself is such a great city!

What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?

The staff are very supportive and are always trying to improve student experience. Along with that we have a Vet Peer support group, run by students, who are always there for anyone who is feeling down, stressed or just need someone to chat to.

The course itself is also really well-structured and lecturers provide all kinds of learning resources to help us consolidate knowledge in different ways. They are always happy to help with clarifying any information and they genuinely want to help us do well – it is nice to feel that they care!

One of the other things I enjoy is the amount of practical animal handling sessions that our veterinary societies organise in partnership with the lecturers. This has given us the opportunity to handle all sorts of animals from snakes to ferrets, parrots to fennec foxes etc. This is not only a great way to learn more about the species, but also provides a fun break from lectures and revision.

Are you involved in any clubs or societies? If so, how do they add to your overall university experience and what skills can you gain?

I have been a member of the University of Liverpool Archery Club for three years now. I have very much enjoyed being part of the club and learning a new exciting sport, as well as competing with other clubs all over the country. I had never received a medal for anything and it was really satisfying to get that chance!

Everyone in the club was incredibly friendly and supportive and I made many new lasting friends from archery. In my second year I joined the committee, in the role of Social and Welfare Secretary - this was a great opportunity to welcome new freshers to the university, organise fun events for everyone, as well as having extra training in mental health awareness to help ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

I was also in the Band Society in my first year and used to attend several gigs, and although I was incredibly nervous, I did go on for an open mic session to perform. The other students were so lovely, and it really helped boost my confidence.

I do highly recommend getting involved in a club or society! The University has such a wide variety of opportunities to try out (in fact, for the first 2 weeks of university you can try anything you want for free before committing to anything!).  It is such a great way of meeting other people and having a break from lectures.


What do you like most about the City of Liverpool and why?  What fun things have you experienced since being in Liverpool?  (this can include experiences outside the city e.g. travel to the rest of the UK or Europe.  Please feel free to go into detail and send photos (including selfies) J)

Liverpool is a great city; it isn’t too big or too small, and it has everything you could want. The town is very accessible from the university and there are always new festivals and activities throughout the year (such as Christmas markets, Chinese New Year, Light Night, Gin festival, among many others). There is such a wide variety of restaurants of food from all over the world, and it is such a vibrant multicultural city, with people playing music in every corner, creating a lovely friendly environment.

During my time here, I have eaten in several different places, experiencing cuisine from Lebanon, India, Japan, Morocco etc. In this past year, I went to see the Harry Potter live in Concert at the Echo arena which was spectacular; went to play golf at this really cool funky place called ghetto golf; and visited the newly opened Baltic market (an old warehouse converted into a food courtyard full of stalls of amazing food) - there is just always something new to do and try out!