Liverpool life

A vibrant community

Our student population is active in all areas of the University, including influencing how and what we teach. Through the Liverpool Guild of Students, you can get involved in student societies, volunteer in the wider community or take part in some of the exciting events held every year.

A fantastic academic experience

The University of Liverpool was founded in 1881 as University College Liverpool and is the original ‘redbrick’ University (a term used to describe the older civic Universities in the UK). In 1994, it was one of the founding members of the Russell Group, which is a collective organisation representing the top 24 research universities in the UK. We have a distinguished and proud history and are certain that with us, you will have a top-class academic experience

Despite big ambitions and over a century of tradition, we are also keen to provide our students with a fantastic experience, and are known for our friendly attitude and commitment to having a diverse student population. Today, we are a vibrant and dynamic University covering a huge variety of research areas and creating a positive impact across the globe.

An amazing city

Whilst you’re studying with us, we hope that you take advantage of living in one of the UK’s most exciting cities. Outside of London, the city of Liverpool has the fastest growing economy, more green space and more museums and galleries than any other city. What’s more, our nightlife and music scenes are legendary through the UK.

To find out about all of the amazing experiences that await you in Liverpool, take a look at It's Liverpool and the University of Liverpool's YouTube channel.