What can I study?

‌The University of Liverpool has two types of study abroad partnerships in place:

  • Erasmus+ i.e. within the European Union under the Erasmus+ scheme.
  • International Study Abroad i.e. official partnerships with universities outside of the European Union

Students should consult the Guide to Choosing Modules‌ for the complete list of modules open to Erasmus and Study Abroad students. Liverpool uses the word module to describe a class/unit.

You should also look at our term dates and ensure that they are compatible with your university.

View our Partner universities page to find out if your university is currently partnered with the University of Liverpool

Students from universities who do not fit into the categories above should see our visiting Study Abroad page.

  • Erasmus+ Students


    Students from Erasmus universities can only study in the subject area that is covered by the bilateral agreement between the University of Liverpool and their Home University.

    Please note that bilateral agreements in “Modern Languages” do not grant access to modules in the School of English.

    Students should note that ECTS credits are considered equivalent to half the value of Liverpool credits, e.g. 7.5 ECTS credits would be equal to 15 Liverpool credits.

  • International Study Abroad students


    Wherever possible, we strongly encourage students to choose a maximum of two departments and if possible within the same School, as this will minimise timetable clashes. 

    To avoid further clashes, we suggest picking all modules from the same level. 

    Students who wish to apply for modules from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science (HSS) can apply for modules in any department/school, as long as the modules are all of the same level. 

    For information, the University's academic structure is as follows: 

    • Faculty
    • School
    • Department