How to apply

On this page you can find the information you need make an application to study abroad at the University of Liverpool. All students must apply through the Study Abroad Team. 

The deadlines for submitting an application to the Study Abroad Team are:

  • Full Year or Semester One only: 15th May
  • Semester Two only: 15th November

You can download the University of Liverpool Inbound Study Abroad Application Guidance to help you make a successful application. 


Students should be nominated by their Home University using the online nomination form, details of which will be sent by email.

Visiting Study Abroad Students should email the Study Abroad Team at to request access to the online application form. 

Step 1: Fill in the Online Application Form

The nomination email will include a link to the online application form. For detailed information on how to complete this form, please download the University of Liverpool Inbound Study Abroad Application Guidance.

  • Students coming from an International Exchange Partner/Erasmus+ Partner should select Exchange/Study Abroad as Applicant Type then Erasmus+/International Exchange as Programme of Study
  • Visiting (i.e. fee-paying Study Abroad) Students should select Science without Borders/Visiting (fee-paying) Student as Applicant Type then choose the Faculty which most closely matches their major at their Home University as Programme of Study

Please fill in the online form as thoroughly as possible and remember to upload your supporting documents (see below)

Supporting documents

  1. Copy of passport information page or, for EU students only, a copy of your National Identity Card.
  2. Official Transcripts in English:
    1. Non-EU citizens coming for one semester only and/or students from Erasmus+ Partners may have their transcript translated by their home university.
    2. Students who are not EU-citizens and who will be studying in Liverpool for the full year/undertaking clinical placements must provide transcripts translated by an official, notarized, translator.
  3. For non-EU citizens coming from a University that does not teach in English, please also upload your transcript in the original language
  4. Non-native English speakers must provide proof of English, which cannot be more than 2 years old. Please see our English Language Requirements page for details of acceptable English qualifications. EU/EEA Nationals can enter their level according to the Common European Framework in the Other English Language Qualification box (please upload a letter from your Home University confirming your CEF level)

Step 2: Registering in Mobility-Online

To make the application prrocess quicker for you, the University of Liverpool uses the Mobility-Online database. Once you have completed Step One, you will receive an email asking you to register in Mobility-Online and to complete any missing details.

Mobility-Online will show you the work flow you need to follow in order to progress your application.

Please remember your login details, as these are very important!

Step 3: Choose your Modules

  1. Once you have registered in Mobility-Online you need to select the modules you would like to study. Please use the Guide to Choosing Modules / Management School Modules to help you with this. 
  2. You should enter your module choices in Mobility-Online by clicking "Enter Modules". You can save your progress using the Save Your Progress button
  3. Once you are happy with your module choices click on "Submit Module List"
  4. Your module choices will be sent to the relevant Academic colleagues for assessment. You will receive an email to confirm this

Step 4: Upload Any Missing Documents

  1. If you have not already uploaded your passport copy/European identity card or English Language Qualification (where applicable), you can do this at this stage (we cannot progress your application until this is done)

Step 5: Your Offer

  1. Once your module choices have been assessed by our Academics, and we have ensured that any missing documentation has been uploaded, we will issue you with an offer to participate in Study Abroad
  2. You must log in to Mobility-Online to formally accept the offer
  3. You will receive an email with the following information:
  • a list of all modules for which you applied and whether or not you have received approval for each module
  • information on visas
  • information on accommodation
  • information on term dates
  • a formal offer letter will be attached to the email

Step 6: Visas

  1. EU/EEA nationals with a valid passport/European identity card do not require a visa to study in the United Kingdom (you do NOT need to use the Student Visitor Visa statement)
  2. Non-EU/EEA nationals who are studying with us for less than 6 months will require a Student Visitor Visa to study in the UK. Some nationalities must apply for this before leaving for the UK. You will be sent a Student Visitor Visa statement to help you with this. Please also see the UKVI web pages for further information
  3. Non-EU/EEA nationals who will be studying with us for a full academic year or who will be undertaking clinical placements will require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. You will receive further emails from us with the information you need to apply for this. Please also see the UKVI web pages.