Study Abroad Buddies

What is the Buddy Scheme?

The Buddy Scheme is a way for international exchange students to meet University of Liverpool students who have previously studied abroad. 

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to having a Buddy during your time here in Liverpool; not only will your Buddy be your first friend here on campus, but he/she will support you in many other ways. For example, your buddy will:

  • Contact you before you arrive to answer any questions you may have about your exchange.
  • Meet you upon arrival and take you on a campus tour (showing you the location of the Students’ Union, Sports Centre, Library).
  • Take you to your Academic Department to show you where your lectures will take place.
  • Join you at a variety of Study Abroad events throughout the semester or year.

How do I request a Buddy?

If you think the Buddy Scheme sounds great and would like to request a Buddy, you can indicate this in your application on Mobility Online by selecting ‘yes’ the following question:

Image of Buddy question on Mobility Online application portal

If you have already completed your Mobility Online application but didn’t click ‘yes’ – please don’t worry! You can also request a Buddy by sending an e-mail to

The Study Abroad Team will contact you in August (for Sem 1) or December (Sem 2) with your Buddy’s details!

Become a buddy

Are you a UoL student who has studied abroad and loved the experience? Would you now like to help an international study abroad student to have a great experience in Liverpool by sharing your top tips?

If your answer is ‘yes!’ then the Study Abroad Team needs you! 

The Buddy program is a brilliant way to pass on your advice and be an active part of the international community on Campus.

To apply to become a Buddy, complete these two simple steps:

  1. Complete this short application
  2. Attend a webinar training session (these take place in August or December, you will receive an invitation once you have completed your application)

Once you have completed these steps, the Study Abroad Team will contact you with the details of your new Buddy!