Tracey Tee

Country Development Manager (ASEAN)

Tracey Tee

Hello, my name is Tracey Tee and I am the Country Development Manager (ASEAN) at the University of Liverpool.

I am based in Singapore and my current main responsibilities are as follows: -

  • Recruitment of students from East and South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Brunei).
  • Managing agent relations and communications in the ASEAN region.
  • To develop links with top international schools in the ASEAN region and to act as the main point of contact between these schools and the University of Liverpool.
  • To build the profile of University of Liverpool through supporting in-country events and development of University of Liverpool’s alumni network.

Students and parents can receive school information and advice on undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the university of Liverpool by contacting me directly: