Specific scholarships and funding

Liverpool-CONACyT Convenio We have a convenio with CONACyT to provide 30% reduction on tuition fees for all CONACyT scholars studying postgraduate Masters and PhD programmes.
PROMEP The PROMEP scheme offers funding for Masters or PhD to professors from provincial univerisities.
Other funding sources

The University of Liverpool is pleased to announce a collaboration with CONACyT which offers Mexican Postgraduate Taught (Masters) and PhD Research students a discount on tuition fees for those who have obtained a scholarship from this organisation.

If students are successful and are awarded a CONACyT scholarship, the University of Liverpool will give them 30% reduction on tuition fees which means that students will have to cover the remaining 70% of the total tuition fees with the amount given by CONACyT.  If this isn’t enough then students will need to find alternatives sources of funding. 

To be eligible to apply for a CONACyT scholarship you must hold an unconditional offer from the University of Liverpool.

For more information, please visit the CONACyT website.

Students applying to the CONACyT-FUNED scheme will also receive 30% discount on tuition fees.

As the agreement with CONACyT offers a considerable discount on your studies you will be not be able to apply for or hold any other scholarship from the University of Liverpool.