International Team

The International Team is here to support you with every aspect of applying to the University and coming to live in Liverpool.

We visit international countries regularly and may be able to meet with you face to face during recruitment exhibitions.

Dan Stephenson‌Daniel Stephenson
Associate Director
Africa, Caucasus, Saudi Arabia, South Korea & Japan

Rohit KumarRohit Kumar
Regional and Business Development Manager
Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand

Chen Dan OwenChen Dan Owen
Regional Development Manager
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Tracey TeeTracey Tee
Regional Development Manager (ASEAN)

Cal WalshCal Walsh
International Recruitment Co-ordinator and Sponsor Liaison Co-ordinator

Michael MohebbiMichael Mohebbi
Country Development Manager
Latin America & Middle East

Jay-Louise FoxJay-Louise Fox
Country Development Manager
UK‌ International and EU