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Pay your fees

All programmes of study which lead to a University award incur a tuition fee. Both tuition fees and accommodation fees can be paid using our online payment system. The University offers a fixed fee guarantee for all full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students from outside the EU (excluding those studying Medicine and Dentistry). This means that your tuition fees will not increase throughout the duration of your studies enabling you to plan your finances effectively.

What are the fees for my course?

To find out the fees for your specific programme, you should check on the following pages:

You will need to know in which department your course is held. Don't know the department? Look for the relevant page for your course using our course search.

Study Costs

Aside from tutition fees, you may also incur additional costs in relation to your studies. These costs will vary depending on the programme and modules you choose. You can find a summary of the type of costs you might expect here

Paying your tuition fees

If you are a self-financing student, organising the payment of your tuition fees is an essential part of your registration. Setting up your payment plan in good time will give you access to all of the facilities you need to start your course.

You can use a range of payment options to pay your fees, however the University does not accept cash payments.

  • Single payment by credit/debit card using our online payment system, or sterling cheque, or bankers draft, or bank to bank transfer
  • Payment by instalments using the recurring credit card instalment option only
  • If a sponsor agrees to pay your fees the University will invoice your sponsor directly. You must therefore provide the Student Fees Office with an official sponsor letter on letterheaded paper.

Paying for accommodation

Payment of accommodation fees can be made by a number of different methods. You must advise us of your chosen method of payment as soon as possible. Please ensure that you have read the Payment Policy before deciding on your payment method.

Learn more about paying your fees.

Payment by instalments

It is possible to pay both your tuition fees and your accommodation fees by instalments. For more information about this service please visit the University's fees office pages.

Fee deposits

If you are an international student studying a full-time postgraduate master's programme, once you accept your unconditional offer you are required to pay a non-refundable tuition fee deposit of £2,000 (minimum). Once your deposit payment has been processed, you will be issued with a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) statement. Once you have accepted your unconditional offer you will receive an email from CIBC, the University's approved payment provider. This email will contain instructions on how to activate your account and pay your deposit. Your full deposit amount paid will be deducted from your tuition fee when you register with us. For more information including deadline datesand exclusions visit our Fee Deposits page.

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