English Language Centre (ELC) students

We look forward to welcoming you onto your Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course here at the University of Liverpool's English Language Centre, prior to starting your main programme of study at the University of Liverpool.

Your Offer

By now you will have received an offer to study on your chosen EAP course which includes information about the following:

  • Chosen course of study
  • Start and end dates of the course (including term dates)
  • Tuition fees
  • Instructions on how to accept your offer.

Please make sure that you understand your offer - further information about the type of offer that you have received can be found below:

  • Unconditional offer: An unconditional offer means you have already met the entry requirements, or fulfilled any outstanding offer conditions.

When reading your offer it is important to make sure your name, email address, programme of study and all other details are correct. Please make sure you understand your offer. You should also make sure the name you use for the University of Liverpool is the same as your name in your passport. You must advise the University if there are any errors in your personal details in your offer email. This information will be transferred to your CAS once you have accepted your unconditional offer for EAP course (see guidance below).

  • Applying for a visa: When you have accepted your offer and met any conditions, we will send you the Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) statement you will need for your visa. You will also need to meet any requirements set by the UK authorities in connection with obtaining a visa for studying in the UK. 

Accepting your place

We must receive notification of acceptance of your offer to study at the University of Liverpool in order for us to send you your Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number. You will need a CAS number to support your student via application. It is very important that you accept your offer as soon as possible so that the University of Liverpool can act as a sponsor for you to get a visa. To act as sponsor, the University needs to have assurance from you that you intend to take up your place on our course. The University will then submit your information to UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) in order obtain a CAS number on your behalf. You must advise the University if there are any errors in your personal details in your offer letter. You need a CAS in order to apply for your visa. So, if the details are incorrect you may be refused a visa.

You will also need to meet any requirements set by UK Visas & Immigration in connection with getting a visa for studying in the UK (e.g. evidence that you can meet the costs of the programme). 

Meet us in your country

We make visits to many countries throughout the year to meet with prospective students, applicants and offer holders.

We also deliver a number of pre-departure briefings, sometimes in person, sometimes virtually via webinars. These briefings are an opportunity to meet a representative of the International Recruitment Relations and Global Opportunities team and ask any questions you have about coming to live and study in Liverpool.

If we are hosting an event in your region, you will receive an invitation from us to attend the event.

If you are not able to attend the pre-departure briefing you can attend a British Council Briefing. See the British Council website for more information.



For more information about our welcome activities and what you should expect as a new student to Liverpool, please click here.