yueying-zhong headshot

Yueying (XJTLU student)

Architecture BA

Ambassador for China

The best thing about this university is the welcoming environment for students from all cultural backgrounds and a well-developed international student support system.

Liverpool is a city of wonderful culture and history, with fantastic architecture and historic buildings even on the campus. Also, the School of Architecture has a strong connection to the RIBA North West, which always offers great opportunities for students to get close to the design industry.

In terms of clubs and societies I have joined the Liverpool Art and Architectural History Society and the Liverpool University Amateur Boxing Club. I am also a huge fan of football and have worked for 2 years as a volunteer translator for a China Super League football club, Guangzhou R&F.

Living abroad alone has developed my ability to adapt to a new environment quickly and pushed me out of my comfort zone to experience more. In Liverpool I talk to people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds which is a great opportunity for me to practice my English speaking and build up my confidence. I have also improved my ability to be organised and manage myself. All these experiences make me a more confident and capable person for my future career.

You could never be bored in this wonderful city. There are always places to visit, shows or games to watch, and food from all over the world to taste! "You will never walk alone" because people here are welcoming and glad to offer help

Yueying's top tips

  1. Be smart when packing your luggage: you can buy everything you need online. Just bring the things you need for the first few days
  2. Find an interest/hobby there are numerous clubs and societies in Liverpool where you can make new friends
  3. Join a student forum/chat group online: you can always ask for advice from senior students who have been in Liverpool for years
  4. Don't be afraid of being new hundreds of others will be feeling the same.