Ting Cheng Headshot


Physiotherapy BSc

Ambassador for Hong Kong

I truly love being a part of the international student environment on my course. I can learn more about the differences in healthcare systems of different places compared to the UK. This has brought new perspectives and ideas to the class. I’ve become a person with a more global vision, which will boost my competitiveness in employment opportunities.

I particularly enjoy the abundant amount of career support the University provides to its students. With events such as career fairs where different companies come to the University to give us insights into our opportunities in the future, and the employment drop-in sessions where staff help you with your CV and give you advice on applying for part-time jobs during study. I have found all these activities amazing and well-organised.

In my free time, I prioritise time for exercise and running to maintain a healthy lifestyle, relieve stress and help with my mental health. I visit as many European countries and different places within the UK as possible to make the most of being far away from home.

This city is vibrant and student-friendly one. I am passionate about the Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, I have visited the Beatles museum and watched a football match at Anfield stadium. I also like the variety of cuisines offered in here, such as Korean, Chinese, Lebanese which are very authentic. So I can enjoy the taste of home even I am away it gives me a warm feeling when I feel a bit homesick.

Ting's top tips

  1. Research any events that are going to happen at the university
  2. Go to the Society Fair at the Guild and register your interests
  3. Walk around the city centre to familiarise yourself with different shops and restaurants
  4. Connect with more students by chatting with them to make new friends.