Architecture MA

Ambassador for China

I grew up in the traditional Chinese education system, so I am eager to experience the real western elite education and interacting with students from diverse cultures. Studying in the University of Liverpool is the best decision I have ever made and being with people from different cultures is making my life more wonderful both academically and socially.

I’ve joined the rowing and skydiving societies which I couldn't have imagined doing before coming here. Liverpool is an amazing city. You can find many activities in the city, such as the Food Festival, the Brazilian Carnival, the Oktoberfest and many concerts where you can meet new friends and experience different activities.

At the weekends I go training on the water with the rowing team, and we often hold different themed parties during the semester. I use my vacation time to go to various cities and attractions in the UK. My favourite places are the Peak District and the Lake District, as well as the Scottish Highlands.

Gabriella's top tips

  1. Maintain a positive attitude to enjoy college life
  2. Carefully handle all your documents, visas, banks and other related matters
  3. Spend more time with your family and friends before you come to UK
  4. Prepare the clothes and medicines to bring according to your needs.