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Ambassador for Malaysia

The welcoming and open culture amongst students and staff is what I value most about studying at this University. There is a 'no question is a stupid question' approach by lecturers and tutors. I truly feel I have been able to flourish academically and appreciate the endless opportunities to broaden your horizons.

There are numerous Law Extra events held by the Law department, which provide great insight into real-world law problems and they really are a fantastic opportunity to learn from and network with key players in the industry: clients, graduate trainees, specialised lawyers, and recruitment officers at large firms. Having direct and regular contact events like this has added to my knowledge and confidence with job search and application preparation. I am also very involved in the Law community around campus by being part of the Legal Society and Advocacy Society, regularly attending their events and socials.

One thing that both pleasantly surprised and comforted me about Liverpool is how diverse it is. No matter where you come from, there will definitely be a piece of home available, whether in the form of a restaurant, ethnic supermarket, or someone in town speaking your native language. Also, the city has great transport links due the convenience of Lime Street Station and close proximity to Manchester Airport, which makes it incredibly easy to plan trips and explore much more than just Liverpool. I look forward to visiting my friends from home who are in universities around the UK and in France and the Netherlands, which would more difficult to coordinate if I was outside a major English city like Liverpool.

Sabrina's top tips

  1. Keep an open mind. Coming to a completely new country and immediately being surrounded by so many different people can be overwhelming, but embrace it! Whether that means joining a society for something you’ve never done before or trying a bit of black pudding in a full English breakfast, immerse yourself in all of it
  2. Try not to overpack
  3. Reach out. Being an international student so far away from home, can be difficult sometimes. Make sure you establish a support network in Liverpool with other international students and the IAG team, as well as keeping in contact with loved ones at home
  4. Ensure that you arrive in Liverpool with an understanding of everything essential that must be done (e.g. collecting your BRP and registering with a GP). If in any doubt, ask for help sooner rather than later.

The endless opportunities to broaden your horizons.